Josh & Olivia – A Sweet Summer Engagement Session

Seven years ago I met Olivia for the first time, having no idea she’d become my sister-in-law before I knew it. Being so similar to my husband (her brother) in so many ways, yet also so uniquely amazing in all the ways they are different, I could not help but be drawn to her in a way I can hardly even describe. She is truly a little sister to me, yet also one of my dearest friends and I love and pray for her with every ounce of fervor I’ve got. Having walked with her and prayed over her through the ups and downs of her late teens and early twenties, a simple little paragraph of words cannot begin to describe the joy and gratitude it brings me to meet the man who won her heart, handles it with unending tenderness and patience, and has chosen to care for and point Olivia to Christ for the rest of their lives. Josh is no doubt the man for her and he brings her to life like nobody ever has before. Josh and Olivia, your story is one that should never stop being told, and I pray your marriage to come will forevermore be life-giving to all who know you and learn your story. Congratulations you guys!