Mason & Erin – A Storybrook Farm Wedding

For all you skimmers out there, let me start this with a few SPOILERS: 1. When Erin walked down the aisle...well, just trust me. Grab some tissue and scroll on down! 2. Remember the classic Dirty Dancing lift? Yeah, let's just say this was not your everyday finale to a first dance! 3. Anyone think they can guess who caught Erin's bouquet? Again, believe me when I say you'll want to see it for yourself!

If you haven't quickly gathered, Mason and Erin are people you want to know. And people I am SO thankful to now know! But it wasn't just the ways they kept us all on the edge of our seats at their own wedding! Allow me to let you in a little on the character of this incredible (not to mention adorable) couple. 

All it took was mentioning her name and Mason lit up. The sound of her footsteps before he'd seen her in her dress brought tears to his eyes. And oh my goodness, the sight of her! He took one look at his stunning bride and the emotion on his face reduced the rest of us to tears right along with him! This is a groom who LOVES his bride the way that a groom ought to. Selflessly, relentlessly, and unconditionally. The way speaks to Erin and the way he speaks about Erin is utterly sincere and astoundingly beautiful. Watching this milestone day in their love story unfold in real life was more riveting than a well-scripted romance film. Theirs was a wedding that would have been gorgeous with the colors and details alone, but was made extravagant by the beauty of two sincere and Christ-centered people in the spotlight.

In the course of the day, I'm not sure that I ever noticed Erin not smiling. Not only is her smile a Show. Stopper! (Seriously, you guys. We're talking crazy gorgeous smile!) But every time Erin smiled, her joy spilled out over anyone within a ten foot radius of her. And that magic smile of hers was somehow even more so when she looked at Mason. Together, these two are captivating.

On top of their deep, abiding, beautiful love for one another and radiant joy, Mason and Erin are full of adventure! Accustomed to outdoor adventuring and getting a little dirty, they didn't hesitate for a moment to climb into a canoe (not exactly built for comfort) in a tux and a wedding dress like it was no big deal. I have no doubt the two of them had a Banff honeymoon jam packed with exploration and fun in the week following!

Congratulations Mason and Erin! You two are absolutely lovely and a delight to all who know you!