Kevin & Susan – A Mountain City Wedding

When it comes to brides and grooms, Kevin and Susan are the cream of the crop. These two had the week of all wedding weeks leading up to their big day, starting with being evacuated twice from their South Carolina home as their yard made national news for its severe flooding. Unrelated to that storm, the morning of their wedding Kevin had stitches removed from his face that he’d earned from a basketball game days before the flooding. In the midst of their crazy week, Kevin and Susan didn’t only manage to pull off a gorgeously elegant and relaxed backyard wedding, but they also remained entirely calm and SELFLESS through it all. All day they both looked out more for the needs of their wedding party, guests, and even vendors than for their own. And as for them as a couple, their love absolutely radiated. The way Kevin hugged Susan every chance he got was completely adorable. They laughed together, snuck away for moments alone, and danced like crazy. It is such a treat to know these two, and photographing them was a dream. Congratulations to the newlyweds!