About Me


I am addicted to growth.

Not in a botanical sense. (My sweet mom spent years trying to help develop the gardener in me. It just wasn't there.) Not in the most literal sense physically either. (I'd be perfectly content with my kids slowing down in that regard.)

Relational. Spiritual. Athletic. Professional. These are the kinds of growth I mean. And they all amount to character growth. And to that, I am addicted.

I never intend to stop. Growing, that is.

Here on this earth, I will never "arrive." I am driven by growth, not by triumph.

As a mom of three very young littles, I am provided with opportunities by the minute to grow in character. Patience, gentleness, kindness, selflessness...that is NOT the tagline of my autobiography! Rather, these are qualities I get to practice learning and am challenged to choose constantly. As a wife––and, by the way, one who is head-over-heels in love with and over-the-moon proud of my dreamy husband!––I frequently must choose either sacrifice or selfishness, grace or resentment. As an athlete, I set goals, make a plan, and then either stick to it or don't.

When I choose right, growth results.

And so it is for me as a photographer. On day two of this journey, about nine years ago, I set out to be better than I was on day one. And so it's been ever since.

I never intend to stop.

I will never arrive.

I am committed to continuing to grow, always. At the same time, consistency is of the utmost importance to me. I value it in my relationships and I value it in my business. I will always offer an experience you can trust and the images you dreamed of. Growth will only enhance those, not drastically change them.

I am SO eager to meet you and to learn about how I can serve you! I am beyond excited for you to be a part of this journey with me!


About the Experience

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Above all else, I value YOU. My first priority is to get to know you, to learn your story, to uncover some of the below-the-surface pieces that make you wonderful! Conversation plays a big role in this, and I look forward to every moment of it with you! This is one of the many reasons we will sit down in person and just chat a few weeks before your wedding. It is a date I am always so excited for!

Another of my absolute favorite ways to learn about you is through interaction with the beautiful bride-and-groom-to-be during your engagement session. Hearing you talk, watching you laugh, noticing how you look at one another...it's all a part of who you are and what sets you apart. Learning these details is truly a delight, and it prepares me to be so much more than just the photographer on your wedding day.

Yes, I will capture your day in dreamy, beautiful images! That is what any good wedding photographer would do. But my role will not stop there!

It is my mission to put you at ease, allow you to be fully present, and to cherish all the emotions of the first day of your marriage. I will be your advocate. I will take care of the timeline completely, keeping us on track and letting you know what happens next. I will capture what is real – the moments you will want to remember forever, as well as the ones you won't even know happened; the details, as well as the people who traveled near and far to celebrate you. And I will laugh and rejoice with you as you become husband and wife, capturing the continuation of the story that will be yours forever. Your wedding images will convey the best of you, the depths of you, and the essence of your love to cherish forever.



Quick Facts

When it comes to food, I always prefer to eat the broken pieces.
I can change a diaper in 6 seconds flat.
I am either wearing workout clothes or a dress at almost any given moment.
I kiss my kids roughly 12,746 times a day. Each.
If it has a winner and a loser, count me in. And watch out.
My husband and I met on our college cross country team and fell in love two track seasons later.
He is now my coach and favorite training partner!
My first car was a stick shift. And it was turquoise.
My husband is my best friend. And our kids are the BEST sidekicks.
All that I do, I do for the glory of God.
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Lisa Goodin Photography

A Few Favorites

Hot drink?

Chai latte or hot chocolate


Flips flops – I was born, raised and grew up a California girl!


Blue or teal clothing, but pink/blush everything else

Guilty pleasure?

Cleaning out closets and drawers


Ice cream!

Cheap date with my man?

Board games in fancy hotel lobbies!

Dress up or dress down?

Dress UP!

Beach or mountains?


Camping or hotel?

Hotel. Okay let's be honest, resort.

Morning or night?

Night – I'd stay up all night with a good enough reason! But I like mornings too.
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