Andrew & Megan – A Crisp Sunrise Engagement Session

With Megan in the army reserves while she finishes grad school, and Andrew stationed in another state while he is active in the army and spending months at a time overseas on deployments, these two have endured their share of busy schedules and long-distance. Months ago, they got married and have spent more of their newlywed time apart than together. But you will not hear either one of them complain one bit about any of their circumstances. Their strength in the face of challenges, positive attitudes and joy in spite of circumstances, and perseverance through whatever lies before them is inspiring and beautiful. Not to mention the sweet, sweet love between them! They will get to celebrate their marriage again with friends and family at their wedding next year. Congratulations to Andrew and Megan! And to you both, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for your sacrificial service to our country!