Andrew & Sierra – A Misty Mountain Sunrise Engagement

I’ve started and restarted this sentence a dozen times, trying to find words that will do this contagiously joyful and generous pair justice! Andrew and Sierra are two absolutely remarkable individuals, so you can only imagine the uncharted levels of incredible they are together. They truly bring kindness, sincerity, generosity and deeply-rooted joy to a whole new level, even at 4:30 in the morning! These two live to serve Jesus with their every move, and in doing so they serve one another and others so naturally and effortlessly. They even brought along a picnic breakfast to share with me! No kidding, by the end of their session I went home missing my new friends already! I am completely and utterly delighted that these two will become one in just a couple of months, and that I have gained two dear and wonderful friends! Congratulations Andrew and Sierra!