Pumphrey Family


Are the Pumphreys a beautiful family, or what?! Getting to know this joyful bunch over the last couple of years has been such a privilege. A year and a half ago when I last did their family photos, little Micah had just joined their life after they'd all been through a long journey that had led them right to their sweet boy. This year, it was SO much fun to see what an active and hilarious little toddler he has grown into! And literally every relationship within this family melted my heart to watch. The way the kids have fun together and take care of their baby brother, the way Zach and Kristen look at each other, the mutual adoration between them and their kids...I have not stopped smiling as I've edited each of these precious photos! Zach and Kristen, you two have an amazing family and you are raising your sweet children to be just as kind and fun as the two of you are!