Baby Cooper – A Newborn Session

I don’t always do newborn sessions but when some of our very best friends have a baby and say “come on over,” I come running!

Mike and Heather were one of the very first couples we met here 5 years ago and they have been the most steady, loyal, and dear friends to us ever since then. These are call-in-the-middle-of-the-night-when-there’s-an-emergency friends. They’re drop-everything, give-up-anything, expect-nothing-in-return friends. They are heroes to our children and like family to all five of us.

I recently got to shoot their sweet boy’s newborn session and I cannot thank God enough for letting them have this baby before my family moves away! Cooper, I’m really, really into you, baby boy. And Heather and Mike, you guys are already the most amazing parents!