Baby Easton – A Newborn Session

This newborn session was extra special for me. I first met Beth and Garik when they were expecting their daughter, who is now almost two years old! I can remember their excited anticipation as they were a few short weeks away from meeting their baby girl and their whole life was about to change.

Now fast forward to a few weeks ago. I was completely thrilled when Beth decided last minute that she wanted newborn photos of their second child, sweet baby Easton! Not only did I get to meet this precious baby boy and see Beth and Garik again, but I also got to meet their daughter Landry for the first time! The last time I was with Landry she was an adorable bump in her mama's belly! Seeing Landry for the first time and seeing her dote over her brand new baby brother was enough to make my heart burst that morning.

I love being around this family! Beth is someone I hope will rub off on me when I'm with her – she has to be one of THE most wonderfully easy-going women I have ever met. She exudes hospitality just by being herself, making me and anyone else around her feel comfortable, welcome and at ease. This trait alone makes her a remarkable mother and wife and that is so quickly apparent even in the first moments being around her.

Capturing sweet baby Easton was a complete delight, to say the least! Getting to hold his 6-1/2 pound little self made my day. My week, in fact! His sleepy little smirks, those newborn baby squeaks and deep breaths, his guys, I'm melting all over again just remembering! Don't mind me while I just look through these photos again and again as I relive that morning over here. :)