Griego Family

Living thousands of miles from all of our family certainly has its challenges. As a photographer, one of those challenges is simply not having the opportunity to photograph my own siblings and their families very often! So you can imagine my delight when my brother's entire family came all the way out here from California to visit us! My kids are never happier than when they are with their cousins. That was reason enough to make the trip more than worth it! But on top of that I got to love on my nieces loads and loads, my husband and I got to spend some wonderful quality time with my brother and sister-in-law, AND I got all five of them in front of my camera for a session! I love these five people to pieces and am already counting down til the next time we're all together!

My big brother was my very first role model. We were buds from the start, and I was always eager and proud to follow in his footsteps. It has warmed my heart for the past seven years to watch him as a dad to all daughters and to see his tender side come out with them in ways so similar to how he looked out for me growing up. He absolutely adores his beautiful wife and my amazing sister-in-law, who he has been with since we were all in high school. The family they have built together is not only gorgeous on the outside, but each of their girls is amazing in her own right. Compassionate, kind, tender, silly, joyful, and adventurous are just a few of the words that describe my sweet nieces. They take after Brian and Kristi in all the best ways, and are truly a reflection of their patience, creativity, fun, unending love, and selflessness in parenting. I want to be like Brian and Kristi in a thousand ways and thank God they are not only my family but dear friends!