LaClair-Baxter Family

The very first thing I ever learned about Monet is how much she values family photographs, for the sake of her children having them to cherish forever. Call me biased but I could not agree more! As I spent the evening capturing the personality of her adorable family, I could not stop smiling at every giggle and playful moment as I thought about how sweet it will be for them all to look back at these one day and remember when the kids were this small and they each so strongly preferred one parent. Their absolutely precious little mama’s girl and daddy’s boy adore each other just as much and it completely melted my heart! It is evident immediately upon meeting this family that Monet and Andrew are incredibly patient and gentle parents to their beautiful children who are so clearly secure in their parents’ love. It is no wonder that Monet and Andrew are both teachers! They pour their lives both at work and at home into instilling a sense of confidence, kindness, dignity and drive in children, and their own little ones are a beautiful example of how well I can only imagine they execute that in their workplace. It was such a delight to begin to get to know this amazing family and to help them commemorate forever how sweet is this season of their life!