Matt & Amy – A Beautiful Bay Area Wedding

I knew that Amy and I had attended the same high school, though we hardly knew each other then and our graduating classes were separated by a couple of years. But as I was editing her and Matt's wedding photos, I remembered an ironic detail that I had completely forgotten: we were in the same photography class together my senior year! I remember Amy from that class as the chatty, giggly sophomore who sat at the table behind me with her equally chatty and giggly best friend who I also didn't know at the time but ended up marrying my little brother. [Insert "no-way!" face]

Fast forward to adulthood: Amy was the maid of honor in my brother's wedding 8 years ago and in the years thereafter, met and fell in love with this New Zealander who is now her groom. After carrying on their relationship cross-continentally for years, Amy finally was able to move to New Zealand and for the first time got to do normal life alongside Matt! These two are amazing together, and living in the same place only confirmed that.

This summer, Matt and Amy flew from New Zealand back to Amy's hometown in California in order to say "I do" in the backyard of Amy's childhood home. And a couple dozen of Matt's family and best friends made the trek as well – talk about serious dedication and love for these two! In fact, the supportive community that this couple is surrounded by literally across the globe was SO evident at their wedding. At least half of the guests of the bride were childhood friends who have remained some of her dearest friends a couple decades later, long distance and all. We're talking serious friendship longevity!

The day was such a perfect and gorgeous celebration of Matt and Amy and the sweet love they share. They compliment each other beautifully in personality, and boy oh boy do they look GOOD together too! I was absolutely thrilled when Amy first got in touch with me about photographing her wedding, and the entire experience proved to be the dream I anticipated it would be! Congratulations Matt and Amy and may your marriage always be full of joy! You two are exquisite!