Drew & Melissa – An Anniversary Session

Who says you have to wait until 10 years to commemorate an anniversary?! Drew and Melissa just celebrated their 9th wedding anniversary, and after getting to capture three sessions in the past three years of their beautiful family, this time around I got to put the spotlight on just the two of them for a bit. And it was glorious!

In the (almost) four years I have known the McCartys, I have come to know that Drew and Melissa are outstanding parents. They have three precious and amazing daughters who are easy-going (we're talking young children – this is not your typical descriptor of 5, 3 and 1 years olds!), playful, silly, kind, and thoughtful. They are a direct reflection of these traits in their parents. "Mom and Dad" are the roles I have come to know these two in best.

But before Drew and Melissa were ever Mom and Dad, they were husband and wife. And that's what we got to celebrate with this little session which, by the way, was a total JOY and a ton of FUN to get to capture! To see them laugh together, dance together, hold each other so sweetly, and hold hands with nobody competing for that privilege...it all left me smiling to myself even hours later as I thought about how much I love working with couples. In the case of parents, who maybe haven't spontaneously danced together in the public all that recently, I absolutely love when I get to help remind a couple of how much fun they have simply loving each other.

Drew and Melissa's marriage has encouraged, challenged and changed so many young people's lives and I for one am so grateful that they took a moment to commemorate that marriage of theirs. I'll bet their daughters will cherish these photos decades from now just as much if not even more than the ones that they are in themselves.

Happy (belated) anniversary to you two lovebirds, Drew and Melissa!