Mitch & Kelly – An Idyllic California Wedding!

My longest-time friend is Kelly's younger sister, Kerry. Just one year older than us though––and the sweetest older sister alive!––Kelly was never too cool to play with us. I have memories from when the three of us were single-digits-old of piling up every pillow and blanket we could find so we could practice our aerial cartwheels and handsprings. Mine looked nothing like aerials or handsprings. Kerry's attempts were commendable. But Kelly? That girl was a natural born gymnast. And all the while as she flew through the air of my basement gracefully and I jumped on pillows like a clumsy toddler, she cheered Kerry and me on with a confident kind of encouragement that made me actually believe I could do it and a grin that made even my utter failure leave me smiling right back!

It was no surprise to anyone when Kelly joined the cheerleading and dance teams in high school and made both look like a breeze. She was the sweetest and most unassuming one out there, making it all the better when that music turned on and she would OWN the place! Some cheerleaders lose their magic when they're no longer 16 and adorable. Not Kelly.  Not only did her mother-in-law tell Mitch upon first meeting Kelly that "she is cute as a button! Make sure not to mess this up." But sweet, never-aging Kelly may as well still be 16 years old and rocking it at the football halftime show because this girl has definitely still got it! I was completely captivated through the entire first dance and father-daughter dance, simply because of just how impressively Kelly CAN MOVE! Who says a heavy, multi-layered wedding dress has to hold you back on the dance floor?!

And I have to applaud Mitch as well. He can more than keep up with Kelly, and not only on the dance floor. Both ultra-endurance athletes, Mitch and Kelly routinely spend dates biking 50-some miles together or running marathons like it's nothing. It's no question these two are a perfect match physically.

But in character as well. After having Kelly in our own wedding party 7 years ago, my husband and I were thrilled to get to meet the man she was falling in love with last year. We had high expectations for him out of protectiveness for our dear friend. Not even minutes into the evening, Mitch had blown those expectations out of the water and we were sold. He so obviously cherished Kelly, treated her with the utmost love and tender respect, and drew out all the best of her. And to top if off, he spent the evening challenging us intellectually and demonstrating his intentionality in all he does. Together, Mitch and Kelly spur one another on to joyful growth and excellence in all they do. Their love is selfless and sincere and will make you smile even just to witness. 

I am so completely thrilled for these two. And to have gotten to be the one behind the lens on their wedding day was a total DELIGHT! My friends, the newlyweds, congratulations! You two are spectacular.