Matt & Leah – An East Tennessee Summer Engagement

I had been looking forward to this session for months! When Leah first got in touch with me last December and told me that she and Matt absolutely had to have me as their wedding photographer, I already couldn't wait for their engagement session! After months of corresponding with Leah over the phone and email, it was such a treat to finally hug her in person and see for myself the magic between these two.

After seeing them together, I was not surprised to learn that Matt and Leah connected and fell for each other immediately when they first met. They fit like a glove, and it is adorable! One of the first things Matt was drawn to about Leah was, not surprisingly, her crazy-gorgeous hair. Between that and her infectious giggle, I couldn't get over how much I was drawn to her myself! She was not only so much fun to photograph and to be around, but seriously, just look at how photogenic this bride-to-be is! And together, she and Matt are a dream. I am SO excited to photograph their wedding next spring (and Leah's bridal portraits between now and then!) and to get to see the two of them in the context of their closest friends and family. They so clearly bring each other to life, and I can only imagine the even greater vibrancy I will get to witness from these two when they are together, MARRIED, amidst all the people who have helped shape them into who they are. Congratulations Matt and Leah! You guys are absolutely lovely!