Josh & Olivia's Washington Wedding

I LOVE my job and feel humbled and honored every time I get to shoot a wedding. But getting to be the photographer and a bridesmaid, alongside my husband as a groomsmen, as well as two of my kids as flower girl and ring bearer...and for one of my favorite couples in all the world?! This one was an overwhelming privilege, to say the least! 

I could write for days about these two and how wonderful they are. Truly, Josh and Olivia are spectacular. Not to mention they have a real-life fairytale love story! She was his middle-school crush who he just couldn’t shake, even years after his family had moved out of state. She didn’t realize all those years that God’s greatest gift to her was right there in front of her. With one final bold shot in the dark, he got back in touch with her and they Skyped long-distance for months until he bought a plane ticket and they spent their first face-to-face time together in years and years. Months later, with a ring in his hand and a journal recounting their entire story beginning in their tween years when they were still years away from being a couple, he asked her to marry him. I’ve never seen her so alive and radiant than since that day!

And between then and their wedding day, they made a 14-hour drive, each way, TWICE, just to visit our family and to spend time with us. They selflessly love our children with every fiber of their being. They sacrificially serve wherever they see a need. They humbly seek guidance because they desire God’s best. They are honest, sincere, kind, approachable. They live with purpose, think of others first and make each other laugh. Every time they drive away from where we are, my heart aches a little. Josh and Olivia are a couple I want to be around. I love them dearly and thank God I get to call these two my brother and sister! Congratulations you two!!

And a huge thank you to Jenny Storment for being my incredible second shooter on this day!