Matt & Chelsea – A Snowy Engagement Session

Matt and Chelsea are the type of couple that I’m certain everyone just loves upon meeting. They are humble with quiet confidence, down-to-earth, bright, adventurous, and downright adorable together! When we first met, the only specific request they made was that we shoot their engagement session in the snow, which I couldn’t wait to do! After a snowless November, December and most of January, we finally got a solid snow and boy was it worth the wait for this session! The two of them under the soft snowfall and surrounded by the beauty of the peacefully white scene was absolutely magical. Not to mention how crazy gorgeous Chelsea’s turquoise eyes looked against the white background, and how I couldn’t get enough of their romantically playful interactions with each other! This session was a chart topper. I cannot wait to shoot their wedding in July! Congratulations Matt and Chelsea!