Matt & Chelsea – A Dreamy Hot Springs Wedding

Matt and Chelsea’s wedding was off the charts. Really. But I don’t just mean that every last detail was perfectly gorgeous. (Though it was.) This couple is amazing, and it showed in everything about their wedding day. Everything from the all-star lineup they had standing up there with them (it didn’t take long to recognize that their wedding party was made up of such kind, humble, honorable people), to the completely Christ-centered and God-glorifying ceremony, to their loving and supportive families, and their own graciousness and humility…it all added up to a breathtakingly, beautifully meaningful day. Matt & Chelsea’s joyful and undeniable love was celebrated all evening long, yet somehow the two of them made the day seem like it was not about them. They are so unbelievably selfless and kindhearted, it’s no wonder they have as many and as high quality friends as they do. I could go on and on about this couple and about this day. Bottom line: their wedding is one I will never forget. See for yourself how contagious their joy is!