Welcome! I can't wait to get to know you!

I am a wedding and portrait photographer passionate about knowing you and helping you tell your story, while giving you the time of your life in the process!

Your story is one of a kind, and it is spectacular! Really. My favorite stories are true stories and however simple or extravagant, I cannot wait to learn yours!


I am Lisa. I willingly sacrifice sleep for game nights. Running shoes are one of the only things I ever buy for myself. Ice cream is the other. Any good thing instantly becomes better when my wonderful husband is beside me. Handwritten notes make my day. My favorite sound in all the world is that of my children's laughter. I am saved by Grace.

East Tennessee Photographer

What can you expect from me? I am a realist, with the eye of an idealist. You know the person who your better half sees when you're lost in each other's eyes? The truest, fullest, best expression of yourself? That is the YOU I set out to and will capture with my camera. Every single photograph helps tell your love story – the way he makes you laugh, that smile you reserve only for her, the security you both find in each other's arms...I delight in capturing the unhindered, raw emotion of joy-filled people! You will look through your images and think, " This captures us perfectly! These depict exactly how I think of us, but even better!"

Lisa made every moment for us perfect. On top of it all, our pictures were FANTASTIC!
— Ryan & Amanda
Our pictures from Lisa are AMAZING! The quality and the types of shots are incredible...she captured the essence of us perfectly!
— Todd & Amy
Lisa exceeded our expectations with every photo!
— Adam & Alyssa


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